How to Get to Inbox Zero

Last month I wrote about email batching, controlling the number of times you visit your inbox. From the feedback I received, although batching improves productivity, it doesn’t address the stress of email volumes. My friend Joy is frustrated by an average inbox size of 934 emails! So today I’ll look at how to get your

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10 Ideas for WordPress Security

There are several reasons why you may want to have your own website, and today, there are simple and affordable services to help you get started. Whatever your reason for setting up, having a website comes with the responsibility of keeping the site safe from hackers. Unfortunately, the average person believes that only big businesses

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Batching Emails for Productivity

Email can drive you nuts if you receive more than 20 emails in a day. If your inbox is stressing you out, there is one strategy proposed by management experts to ease the stress. Email Batching; Checking your email only at specific times of the day. That’s right. Rather than read your emails as and

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Developing a Reading Habit in Children

Training a child to love reading has many advantages for the child. I can think of developing concentration skills, expanding vocabulary, and developing the imagination. I don’t know if I enjoyed any of these advantages as a child, but I fell in love with books mainly because in those days TV had few children’s programs

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