Batching Emails for Productivity

Email can drive you nuts if you receive more than 20 emails in a day. If your inbox is stressing you out, there is one strategy proposed by management experts to ease the stress. Email Batching; Checking your email only at specific times of the day. That’s right. Rather than read your emails as and

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Developing a Reading Habit in Children

Training a child to love reading has many advantages for the child. I can think of developing concentration skills, expanding vocabulary, and developing the imagination. I don’t know if I enjoyed any of these advantages as a child, but I fell in love with books mainly because in those days TV had few children’s programs

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Rethink the Open Plan Office

The open plan office has been a feature of corporate workspaces since the early 1970s. Apparently, the idea was that open plan would improve communication, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration in the workplace. A couple of decades later and I’m struggling to find evidence that the ideas became a reality. From my experience, I have two

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