Are you overwhelmed by the demands on your time? Are you wondering what you should outsource? I offer a range of services, customized for businesses and individuals, giving you more time to spend on the stuff that only you can do. I will keep it professional, high quality, and delivered on time!

For writing projects, I adapt grammar and style to various dialects of English, so whether it’s BrE, NAmE, en-AU or en-CA, I will get right down to it.

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Hello! Words & Scribes is a site by Marilyn, a transcriber, content writer, copywriter, and virtual assistant. Apart from being a blog, this website is a way to connect with busy podcasters, solopreneurs, coaches, business owners, anyone who is overwhelmed by busyness, and in need of professional virtual support. Professional Transcriber

Words and Scribes blog posts are for everyone, whether freelancer or otherwise.

Noteworthy book: THE GLORIOUS CAUSE
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