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From The Blog

Self Improvement
GRIT by Angela Duckworth: A Sneak Peek

The genre of self-improvement literature has grown since the days of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People. Over the decades, several writers …

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WordPress & Tools
Why You Should Use Animated Videos

For people who share content hoping to attract an audience or to grow a following, the most important thing is to keep your audience engaged. …

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Writing Tips
Dropping the “of” After “couple”

This recent cry of despair from a reader has not fallen on deaf ears: You’re… [Read more...]

Endearing and Ravished

English has such a rich vocabulary, writers have little excuse to use a word that… [Read more...]

Fossil L-Words

An aspect of English spelling that fascinates me is the existence of what I call… [Read more...]

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Hello! Words & Scribes is a site by Marilyn, a transcriber, content writer, copywriter, and virtual assistant. Apart from being a blog, this website is a way to connect with busy podcasters, solopreneurs, coaches, business owners, anyone who is overwhelmed by busyness, and in need of professional virtual support. Professional Transcriber

Words and Scribes blog posts are for everyone, whether freelancer or otherwise.

Noteworthy book: THE GLORIOUS CAUSE
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