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Why You Should Use Animated Videos

For people who share content hoping to attract an audience or to grow a following, the most important thing is to keep your audience engaged. Content here could mean blog posts, informative articles, product promotions; whatever the content, you want your audience to consume it,

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The Power of Gratitude

A few months ago, I listened to Craig Ballantyne on the Early to Rise podcast, explaining how he practices an attitude of gratitude. Growing up, he was a bitter, envious, angry and selfish young man and the prevailing culture at his school reinforced all the

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Check out These Tips to Help You Write Better!

Many writers—even professional ones—are wary about employing semicolons, at best because the punctuation mark [Read more...]

One of the most popular of the Roman gods was Mercury, patron of merchants and thieves. Mercury had other asso [Read more...]

I’ve noticed the two nouns, discomfort and discomfiture, being used interchangeably, as if both meant simply, [Read more...]

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Hello! Words & Scribes is a site by Marilyn, a transcriber, content writer, copywriter, and virtual assistant. Apart from being a blog, this website is a way to connect with busy podcasters, solopreneurs, coaches, business owners, anyone who is overwhelmed by busyness, and in need of professional virtual support. Professional Transcriber

Words and Scribes blog posts are for everyone, whether freelancer or otherwise.

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