7 Common Time Bandits in the Workplace

Whether you’re a business owner, a corporate executive or otherwise employed, you need to be concerned about productivity. If you work autonomously, controlling how you spend your time will increase productivity and efficiency. If you work in shared office space, time management becomes even more vital for personal productivity. Sounds like a no-brainer, yet we …

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How to Get to Inbox Zero

Last month I wrote about email batching, controlling the number of times you visit your inbox. From the feedback I received, although batching improves productivity, it doesn’t address the stress of email volumes. My friend Joy is frustrated by an average inbox size of 934 emails! So today I’ll look at how to get your …

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Rethink the Open Plan Office

The open plan office has been a feature of corporate workspaces since the early 1970s. Apparently, the idea was that open plan would improve communication, increase productivity, and enhance collaboration in the workplace. A couple of decades later and I’m struggling to find evidence that the ideas became a reality. From my experience, I have two …

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